M$ Windows: minimal howto

This post is a kind of minimal 'how to' for Micro$oft Windows.

Windows : basic command (to execute from [WINDOWS + R])

cmd             : classic console
powershell      : power shell command console
msinfo32        : host info
devmgmt.msc     : devices management (fr: Gestionnaire de périphériques)
certmgr.msc     : certificates managers
services.msc    : windows OS services
javaws -viewer  : windows java services
eventvwr.exe    : Event viewer
shell:Startup   : show startup programs (if any)

NB: for ssl cf ssl howto

network related commands

  • list all LISTENING ports
netstat -ano
netstat -ano | find "LIST"
  • find an application from portsrc
netstat -ano | find "LIST"
==> Pick the wanted process id from the last column. Example pid "8112"
tasklist  | find "8112"
tasklist /svc | find "8112"
  • DNS lookup

other usefull common tools

  • FileZilla (secure FTP)
  • Notepad++ (light editor)
  • Cygwin (unix like shell)
  • Process Hacker 2 (improved task list manager)

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