Use "json-schema-validator" as an OSGi bundle


This post describes how to integrate json-schema-validator 2.2.5 in an OSGi container.

json-schema-validator home page redirect to the binary download site to get OSGi ready library. But with this last one I was unable to make json-schema-validator working... I got an unsatisfied package jackson-databind.

So I decide to integrate by hand json-schema-validator and related dependencies. 14 jar to get and check (see into the MANIFEST.MF the "Export-Packages" directive..)

Here is the way :

  • use json-schema-validator in your Eclipse Java project by adding the pom dependency.
  • make a sample unit test working (see example package of the json-schema-validator project).
  • open your project "pom.xml" file using eclipse to know the current dependency tree (view called "Dependency Hierarchy").

After getting one-by-one each mandatory dependendency of the json validator, here is the final list I get :
  • btf-1.2.jar
  • jackson-annotations-2.4.1.jar
  • jackson-core-
  • msg-simple-1.1.jar
  • jackson-databind-
  • guava-16.0.1.jar
  • uri-template-0.9.jar
  • jackson-coreutils-1.8.jar
  • rhino-1.7R4.jar
  • libphonenumber-6.0.jar
  • mailapi-1.4.3.jar
  • jopt-simple-4.6.jar
  • joda-time-2.3.jar
  • json-schema-core-1.2.4.jar
  • json-schema-validator-2.2.5.jar

You can get each jar from a given maven repository; example joda-time-2.3.jar.

For each jar, I have to check the OSGi Export package directive. Here is the way to do that :

  • open the jar file using zip tool (ex. 7zip)
  • edit the file "META-INF/MANIFEST.MF"
  • check that the file contains an Export package directive like the following example for yoda time :
  • Export-Package: org.joda.time;version=2.3,org.joda.time.base;version=2
  • If this is not the case, I had to add it by hand. I had to do that for the following library : rhino, libphonenumbers, joptsimple. See under the related export package :
    • rhino-1.7R4.jar
    • get an updated version here
    • Export-Package: org.mozilla.javascript;version="1.7"
    • libphonenumber-6.0.jar
    • EDIT: it's now useless to do this update since this jar is embedded in the bundle's project (cf. under)
    • related issue : libphonenumber issue #205
    • joptsimple
      Export-Package: joptsimple;version="4.6"
    • EDIT: it's now useless to do this update since issue #65 has been fixed; So you could use a recent version : jopt-simple-4.8-SNAPSHOT.jar

After all these steps, when I want to validate a json content with a schema, I got an error while loading meta-schema "/draftv4/schema" (problem of class loading).
Until now, I have not figured out how to fix it.

        at com.github.fge.jsonschema.SchemaVersion.(
        at com.github.fge.jsonschema.SchemaVersion.(
        at com.github.fge.jsonschema.core.load.configuration.LoadingConfigurationBuilder.(
        at com.github.fge.jsonschema.core.load.configuration.LoadingConfiguration.byDefault(
Caused by: resource /draftv4/schema not found
        at com.github.fge.jackson.JsonLoader.fromResource(
        at com.github.fge.jsonschema.SchemaVersion.(
This file is present into "json-schema-core-1.2.4.jar" but not loaded as resource by OSGi container...

Following this error, I just open an issue json-schema-validator issue #111.

As workaround, with the help of Gábor Bakos and as first draft, I just push a "OSGi'fyed" version of the "json-schema-validator" here : boly38 json-schema-validator-bundle.

Of course any feedbacks are welcome

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